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Old Competitions Summary

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Once upon a time, on the first versions of this forum, some competitions were held. Here are some details about those competitions so they are not all lost in time. For a summary of more recent competitions, see the Chip Cup thread. The entries to the create competitions are currently not available in any combined set. (There was a set called cpcc2011.ccl that did this for the fall entries of 2011.) The old time trial levels were collected in the sets CCZoneTT.dat and cptt2011.ccl.

run by Noivilbo (unless otherwise stated)

Subject: Short.
Create a small, short level that is hard to complete, but flawless. No glitches at all.
Required: Chip, 5-7 chips, Socket, Exit, Walls, and a monster of some sort.
1st - Hard Time by ChipHome5

subject: Vacations.
Base the level on a vacation you took over the last summer or any recent vacation.
Required: Chip, and Exit.
no entries

subject: Government.
Required: Chip, and Exit.
Extra-Credit: Extra point to the person who is first to submit their entry.
no entries

subject: Winter Holidays!.
Required: Chip, Ice, Blue key, blue door, and Exit.
Extra-Credit: Extra point to the person who is first to submit their entry.
You may enter up to three times.
1st - Frozen River by ChipHome5

subject: Summertime!
Required in the level: Chip, Wall, Exit.
Extra-Credit: Extra point to the person who includes something about Independence Day (America's is July 4th) in it.
1st - On the Coast by jblewis (JL1 #48)
2nd - Delivery Ship by ChipHome5
3rd - At the Beach by Tom P (TomP3 #102)
4th - Fire Ring by pillowpc2001 (MikeLrejects #335)
5th - Level 1 by SugarHue123 (July Create Competition #1)
(note that levels did not have to be new or made just for this competition.)

subject: Music.
Required in the level: Chip, Wall, Exit.
1st - Everybody Get Dangerous by geochip (TCCLP2 #19)
2nd - Grand Prix by jblewis (JL1 #65)
3rd - Rock Band by Tom P (TomP3 #38)
4th - Grand Fun Alley by jblewis (JL1 #38)

subject: Movies/TV Show.
Your task is to make a level that fits with a movie or TV show of your choice.
Required in the level: Chip, Wall, Exit.
no entries initially, so submission date extended by a month
1stg - Television! by RandomTrudeau

subject: Levelset.
Make two to five levels that flow together and are well-organized.
Due to this not being a single-level project, there are several months to make this. (Nov 27 '09 to Mar 31 '10)
Required: Anything you want.
Extra-Credit: If there is a cohesive plot, [+1]. If it can be related to winter, [+1].
no entries

subjet: Back to School.
Make a level based on something about school.
Required: Chip, Exit
1st - Pushy Hallways by SugarHue123
2nd - Class is in Session by m11k4
3rd - Navigate the Hallways by geochip
4th - Meanies in School by julialy

subject: Tanks.
You are to make a challenging level using a main-motif of tanks.
Required: Chip, Tank, Exit
Extra-Credit: If you can relate it to Halloween, props to you. I'll also give you a point.
1st - Think Tank by jblewis (JL1 #91)
2nd - What The... by Ida (Ida_create_oct10.ccl at yahoo)
3rd - Time Duration by SugarHue123 (aka ditto101ditto101)

subject: Amusement Parks
Design a level based on an amusement park or funfair, add rides, add "games", or whatever you see fit. It can be a water park, too!
Required: Chip, Exit
1st - WalkerCO Carnival by Hash1

run by Andrew Raykowski
required: New, solvable level. Post as attachment. Pedantic mode. Interesting to complete. Moderate difficulty. Don't cheat :)
1st - Mercenaries by geodave
2nd - Chips and Portals by KeyboardWielder

started by Andrew Raykowski, judged by M11k4
required: no monsters, pedantic mode.
1st - Block Island by Hornlitz
2nd - Blast! by geodave
3rd - Still by KeyboardWielder
4th - Blastoria by geodave
5th - Too Much Time on My Hands by geodave
6th - Less Time Than I Thought! by geodave

run by geochip
Castle Theme: Make a level that looks and feels like a castle.
1st - The Teeth Castle by Lessinath
2nd - Castle geodave by Dave Varberg
3rd - Level 1 by pb_guy
4th - Monster Fortress by Lessinath
5th - Chaos Keep by Lessinath

run by geochip
Walkers: create a level in which the main obstacle is interaction with walkers.
Extra Credit: just like last year's October competition, if you can relate the level to Halloween, you will receive an extra point.
1st - Trick or Treat by KeyboardWielder +1
2nd - Pumpkinhead by pb_guy +1
3rd - Night Walkers by geodave +1
4th - Walker Graveyard by pb_guy
5th - Walkers Skating to their Doom by pb_guy
6th - Now you see me by geodave

run by geochip
Space: create a level in with an outer space theme.
1st - CreateNov2011 by geodave

started by geochip, judged by M11k4
Avoid getting chips -theme.
Extra Credit: include other items that are normally helpful that must be avoided.
1st - Eraser by KeyboardWielder
2nd - geodave9chips by geodave
3rd - GETTING OUT OF ALCATRAZ by thinker

Old Create Competition Overall Points
Points were awarded to the first three places (structured 3,2,1), and occasionally extra credit points were given.

2008 (4 competitions, 2 submissions)
ChipHome5: 7 points (2 competitions)

2009 (3 competitions, 10 submissions)
jblewis: 5 points (2 competitions)
geochip: 3 points (1 competition)
RandomTrudeau: 3 points (1 competition)
ChipHome5: 2 points (1 competition)
Tom P: 2 points (1 competition)
pillowpc2001: 0 points (1 competition)
SugarHue123: 0 points (1 competition)

2010 (3 competitions, 7 submissions)
SugarHue123: 4 points (2 competitions)
jblewis: 3 points (1 competitions)
Ida: 2 points (1 competitions)
m11k4: 2 points (1 competitions)
geochip: 1 point (1 competitions)

2011 (7 competitions, 25 submissions)
geodave: 14 points (6 competitions, 10 submissions)
KeyboardWielder: 8 points (4 competitions, 4 submissions)
pb_guy: 4 points (2 competitions, 4 submissions)
Hash1: 3 points (1 competition, 1 submission)
Hornlitz: 3 points (1 competition, 1 submission)
Lessinath: 3 points (1 competition, 3 submissions)
thinker: 1 point (1 competition, 2 submissions)

Results for older time trials will also be added once they are nicely compiled :)

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Challenge #1, Sep 2008
(level by Tom P)
winner: pillowpc2001 (107)
Best reported route to date is 124 by Miika.

Challenge #2, Oct 2008
(level by Tom P)
winner: pillowpc2001 (254)
Unsubmitted route of 265 claimed possible by James a bit too late.

Challenge #3, Jul 2009
(3 levels by Tom P)
Nobody submitted scores in time, but submission time is extended so that first to complete the levels wins.
Challenge 1
148 (Pillowpc2001)
Challenge 2 (aka Residents II)
205 (Pillowpc2001)
Challenge 3
115 (Pillowpc2001)

Challenge #4, Aug 2009
(2 levels by Tom P)
CcZTT4A.dat, Challenge 1
274 (pieguy)
269 (James)
240 (Tom P)
233 (Pillowpc2001)

??? (John L submitted some solution on initial busted version)
CcZTT4B.dat, Challenge 2
106 (pieguy, 1st place after both levels)
104 (Pillowpc2001, 3rd place after both levels)
101 (Tom P, 2nd place after both levels)

Challenge #5, Sep 2009
(2 levels by Tom P)
no entries

Challenge #6, Oct 2009
(level by sugarhue123)
246 (pieguy)
155 (Sugarhue123)

Challenge #7, Jan 2010
(level by sugarhue123)
no entries

Time Trial 09.2010
(five levels by sugarhue123)
Time Trial Oct 2010.ccl
winner: m11k4
#8A - Mechanisms__unsolved (not solvable in TW)
#8B - Blink II____452
#8C - Quadrants___475
#8D - Time Limit__unsolved (not solvable in TW)
#8E - Repeat______528

Time Trial 10.2010
(five levels by sugarhue123)
Time Trial Nov 2010.ccl
winner: not yet announced :)
#9A - Code Breaker
#9B - Portal
#9C - Diamond
#9D - Random
#9E - Directional

Time Trial JUNE 2011
(level by Andrew Raykowski)
pieguy________966 - 1st place
Octavarium64__965 - 2nd place
paulgilb______965 - 3rd place
geodave_______946_______________L963 - 1st place lynx

Time Trial SEPTEMBER 2011
(level by Dave Varberg)
'Time Trial September 2011' from SeptemberTimeTrial.dat
James_________137 - 1st place
Lessinath_____137 - 2nd place
M11k4_________137 - 3rd place___L136 - 1st place lynx

Time Trial OCTOBER 2011
(level by Miika Toukola, heavily based on one by Dino Brewster)
'Not Red, Green and Blue' from OctoberTimeTrial2011.ccl
no entries
(209 claimed by pieguy, 205 confirmed by M11k4)

Time Trial NOVEMBER 2011
(level by Dave Varberg)
'November2011' from NovemberTimeTrial2011.ccl
paulgil______355 - 1st place
pb_guy_______351 - 2nd place

Time Trial DECEMBER 2011
(level by Dave Varberg)
'December 2011 Time Trial' from DecemberTimeTrial2011.ccl
no entries

At the time of posting, I don't remember for sure how the overall TT points were counted (if at all), but I'll edit those in when I find out. There are some other small details that are also missing, like the original names of the sets the levels were released in. If you have any info that could be added here, please send it to me. I'll also be sure to post a summary of the best times submitted and later achieved ones, once the set CCZoneTT.dat becomes available again in updated form.

Edited by M11k4
minor stuff

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Is there any way to download these levelsets?

Not currently, but it is in the works. Some of them you can find here and there, but if you wait a bit we'll try to package a bunch together soon, or at least eventually.  B)

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