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I decided to stress test my new engine.




Even through the entire map was covered in boulders, I still managed to maintain a playable framerate (about 30FPS at 100% CPU)!

Before, it was just basically unplayable (at like 1FPS)


I think the optimizations over the last two years I did were worth it. Oh, and I learned a TON of things in the process, too.


Oh, and here's a video:



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The source code download links will be moved here: https://sites.google.com/site/awertyb/puzzle-studioto clean up my Github.

Yahoo group messages/files archive and puzzlestudio.org archive will also be there.


Download the game (Windows only)
SHA256: e6826bc4b9cd20e7586951d990cd4eca37d24b3020592d093ea7642d2bd87a97
Download Yahoo group archive (messages/downloads)
SHA256: c391a89a0dc710f03831031f786201835b5aa6319abadeecf08926c729a26fcb
Download Puzzlestudio.org archive
SHA256: 681ea28ac0c7acf3210b2dd05c15867a1fa779d6a730f960d3a08e43ccda5ced
Download Git archive
SHA256: e8ed5aa273bf44f807aaab07e2a81b53428116327be4e358493693d6701ce554

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is the music in puzzlestudio free to use anywhere else? [like for a CC2 levelpack]

gameMusic1 and backgroundMusic are royalty-free, but fileSelect and gameMusic2 are ripped from video games (Dragon Quest V and Mario's Picross, respectively)

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There a number of custom levels people have made for Puzzle studio; (some levelpacks? don't remember exactly)


if this hasn't been done yet; with people's permission I'd like to convert at least some of these to CC2. I remember playing a couple of very fun levels by people who I don't think are around here (Daniel Bowmeister?

Not sure exactly how I'll handle it yet; whether I'll make 1 levelpack or more, or what I'll remake depending on other factors. For example I'm pretty sure some people who made some Puzzle Studio levels are still here and still making levels maybe he wouldn't want me remaking those, but any response/feedback is welcome.

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It seems that the yahoo group has been deleted.

I archived the mailing list and the downloads here: https://sites.google.com/site/awertyb/puzzle-studio


I'm probably also going to restructure the game a bit. First order of business is to get rid of the confusing elements. CopyCat will be one of the first to go.

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