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Milk and Cereal

Redundant Title is Redundant  

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  1. 1. Do you drink the leftover milk (or whatever you use) in your cereal bowl?

    • Yes, and it's delicious.
    • No, because it's disgusting.
    • No, it's awkward (i would otherwise).
    • Depends on the cereal...
    • I don't eat cereal.
    • I never have leftover milk :P.

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I've heard of one person who uses fruit juice for his cereal. 0.o


I always drink it, but my mom thinks it's disgusting. My sister just told me an hour ago that a lot of people don't and i'm like


(to the people she was talking about, not her). You learn something new every day, i suppose...


Also, what does the "Make votes public?" checkbox do?

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