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Any news about CC3D?

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I'm subscribed to their newsletters and they are working on it. It has ballooned into a much bigger project than originally intended, so they had to look to higher sources for funding beyond what was provided from the kickstarter, but they are still working hard at it! The release is "when it's done" for now, by what I've heard.

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I believe there was a link on their Kickstarter website, it should be pretty easy to find. If it's not that, I'm not sure because I automatically started receiving newsletters when I put $15 into the fundraiser a long time ago.

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I'm just testing Chuck's Challenge 3D a little and it is nothing special for me in relation to Chip's Challenge... except that this is in 3D.

+ Official level editor
+ Some elements were added
  + 4 colors of blocks, that behaves like dirt but you don't have to step on to make floor.
  + 3 additional colors of toggle doors.
  + One additional teleporter.
  + Bridges on water - breaks when you step on it and you have to go faster.
  + Pressure plates of 4 colors - you have to put right blocks on all plates to open the door.
  + ...and a few more elements but not so much.
+ 15 types of creatures (excluding Woop)

- Some elements from CC are missing.
  - Hint
  - Trap
  - Recessed wall
  - Corner panel wall (was in only in MS version?)
  - Thief (it was in beta, see here

      Also, the levelId was 1168 but it is no longer available. Mess! :(
- There is no other way to save your level to file outside the game internals (eg. on desktop or pendrive) other than sharing it on Niffler site
- The only way to put a level into game from outside is download it from Niffler site
- It's not possible to download a level from no-3D version (are they incompatible?)

So, I'm not satisfied at all.

Mark my errors (if any).

Additionally about game elements:
but page is quite old, last updated 2013-02-21

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