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April 2012 competition results!

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We had two competitions last April, one was a time trial with two levels, and the other was a create competitions with a boat theme. The activity here slowed down a bit towards May, so the results for these competitions were delayed. I investigated the situation a bit and Rock was able to provide the necessary information and gave me the go-ahead to announce the results. It's unlikely, but if further information turns up that might have been lost, the results will be adjusted accordingly.


The create competition was announced by Lessinath, and the submissions were to be sent to rockdet. There was a single entrant, Ida! You win again! So far that's three wins out of three submissions over the years. Not bad :) Maybe you scared away the competition? In any case, your level was original and clever, so it would have stood a good chance even if it wasn't the only entry, and we did check that it met the criteria for the competitions too (like being solvable in both ms and lynx, and you even went for the extra awesomeness, by finding a way to make the boat sink). I guess we should give everyone the chance to try the level, right? Well, Ida can post it herself, or we can wait a bit longer and find it in the soon to be released set of all the create levels from 2012. Sound good?


I'm afraid the time trial results aren't quite as exciting. We did have double the number of entrants than in the create comp, so there's that! :P The two levels were created by rockdet and submissions were accepted a couple of weeks into May. Second place goes to Mike L with times of 208 + 51 = 259, and first place goes to M11k4 with 213 + 54 = 267. Hey, that's me! Yay, I win :) *does a dance* Anyway, we'll try to post the quickest solutions on the CCZone Youtube channel in the near future, along with some other stuff.


Hope to see you all again competing in 2013!




EDIT: should also mention that Ida's level's name was "All day, all night, keep watch!" and that Mike L has now been awarded the "Run, Chip, Run!"-award.

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Cool. Congratulations, Miika, on winning the Time Trial, and thanks for providing us with the results!

Looking forward to playing that set of all the Create levels. Hope there will be a little storyline or something incorporated, letting us know the themes of each competition before seeing the levels?


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