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So long story short, I suddenly had some ideas and decided to make a few levels!


As of this post, there are 10 levels in this set, 8 of which are tutorial levels. And don't worry, this set will have a much better difficulty curve than BHLS2, and half the levels won't be stupid (hopefully) like BHLS1 was. My plan is to basically create a set with mostly levels I like, and to have a difficulty curve that gradually increases in difficulty. It will be compatible in both MS and Lynx. I also haven't determined how many levels I want in this set. I'll aim for 149, but I may not reach it.


I won't release much more about the set until I'm further on in it, but... Stay excited for it :D


Also, I wouldn't mind doing some collab levels for this set, so if anyone's up for one, then let's do one.


And also, I wouldn't mind having some help with this set, so if one of you (or more) wants to help test/fix some levels (or even give some ideas), then by all means, ask :P



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I steal this.


jk. :P  unless you don't mind. Actually I doubt it would be soon if I did that so...


I don't mind actually. I tried to make a level of my own with that concept and that is it right there. I'm way too lazy to finish that idea, so I figure someone else can use it for their levels  :) I did, however, use it in a new level of mine, but nowhere near taking up the whole map. So yes feel free to use it. Let me know how it goes for you  :D

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