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CCLP1 Voting Has Begun!

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Fellow Chipsters,


The next great chipping adventure is underway! After a stressful past 36 hours, the staff is pleased to open up the voting process for CCLP1 with our first four voting packs of 50 levels each. The levels are downloadable from CCZone and the Yahoo! group, but the voting will take place at CCZone. For the sake of voting integrity, you must be a registered member of CCZone to participate. Each voting poll for each pack is located in a separate thread under the "CCLP1 Voting" subforum, which is accessible from the main page. When you make your choices, you can submit and save them using the button at the bottom. You do not have to vote on every level on a poll at the same time; your votes will be saved, and you can see them upon revisiting the thread with the poll. In other words, you have the freedom to vote on some levels and return later to finish the rest or to change your votes. Important: be sure to turn on the default blue skin in order to see the polls. They will not be visible otherwise.


A few guidelines and notes about voting (which are also listed on each voting page):


- Please remember that the target audience for CCLP1 is comprised of people who have never played the game before. The best levels for this set are not necessarily the hardest or the most clever, though this set will have some difficult, but still fair, challenges.


- Try to evaluate a level as holistically as possible. Please consider criteria such as enjoyability, beginner accessibility, design quality, and overall appropriateness for a set that's designed to be a CC1 alternative when casting your vote.


- Try to play the levels as a beginner would play them - in other words, without the use of a map or other aid.


- Whether the level you're rating is easy or difficult, please consider it in the context of an appropriate position within the set based on difficulty. If the level you're playing would work as an introductory challenge or "lesson" level, then evaluate it as if it would be in that difficulty tier. We've tried to eliminate levels that are trivial, with a few exceptions that stood out from the norm, so for the purposes of CCLP1 voting, there should be no such thing as "too easy."


- Don't worry about time limits because we'll be ensuring that each level in the final product has adequate time, unless there's a really compelling reason to keep the amount low, and/or the level is obviously designed to be played with a low time limit. If either or both of the latter two is clearly the case, please rate the level taking the low time limit into account.


- Similarly, level titles are subject to change if the title in question is questionable, copies a level title from an existing CC1 or CCLP* level, or directly references an existing CC1 or CCLP* level (for instance, "Block Buster III"). For now, though, we have maintained the original titles for each level, although we have used normal capitalization on all of them for consistency's sake.


- For optimizers: please don't worry about levels with a heavy amount of luck required for a bold solution. Levels that involve a Blobnet-scale chance of reaching the exit with the highest possible time will most likely be untimed, though levels that involve mild randomness (such as Jumping Swarm and even Catacombs) will most likely be kept timed, all other factors notwithstanding.


- If you discover a bust in a level that we had not found, please report the bust to us and rate the level as if the bust did not exist. We'll make note of it, and if the level is inducted into CCLP1, it will be addressed.


- Most of all: have fun playing! We've certainly enjoyed testing these levels, and we hope you enjoy rating them! Please keep in mind that you have the ability to make this process move much more quickly if you vote; to put it simply, the more you play and the more participation we have, the more quickly the next wave of packs will be released, and by extension, the more quickly CCLP1 will be done!


- J.B. Lewis

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