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Cybersmack I Preview (FIRST 25 LEVELS!)

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Hey there :) as you can see by the big "LEVEL 1" under my name, I'm a total noob to this forum. However, I started playing CC about 10 years ago, and I'll never forget the captivating levels of CC1, despite all the fantastic new levels that players are releasing all the time!


My debut set aims to serve as a bit of a substitute for CC1 in the way that it starts right from the beginning and teaches players the necessary techniques at a relatively slow pace, while building up to more formidable levels.


I don't know how long the set will be, but so far I've got about 40 levels. This preview is of the first 25, and is completely subject to change: I will probably tweak most of these levels before release, add hints, change time limits, and reorder or remove some of the levels currently in the set.


Basically, as a newcomer to all this, I'm looking for a bit of constructive criticism and advice on these levels. Now remember, these levels start easy, so don't be expecting some Totally Unfair stuff just yet - but trust me, it will come!


Have a playthrough, let me know what you honestly think (while being helpful) and enjoy! Thanks for your time guys :)



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