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Cam's Challenge update... and a new levelset in works!

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First off, I want to discuss my levelset "Cam's Challenge". I know at this point I need to just get a new standalone tileset for Tile World, as the patch for the normal MSCC is added to the .exe, not the .dat instead. Even then, I want to have a smooth tileset. The issue is, MSCC has 32x32 tiles. But tile world... 48x48. I want to retain MSCC's size, but maybe make it a bit bigger like along the lines of the texture pack "Faithful x32" for Minecraft, but the big issue is that that is 16x16 to 32x32, which isn't adding 16x16, but MULTIPLYING by 2. As for levels, ideas for levels can't make themselves. So when I DO make levels, be patient.


tl;dr for this part: The graphics are for MSCC's .exe, I know how to make custom graphic sets FOR Tile World, the issue is getting my desired resolution, and levels for that might take awhile.


And now that actual announcement for the mini-project.


With that, I want to give info of my little mini-project. My new level pack is called "An Untitled Chip's Challenge Level Pack", or for short, "AUCCLP". You can also say "AUCCLP.dat" but it's just a opinion-based abbreviation. I will release a minor preview of the levels, for your info. The demo will for Tile World, by the way. That's all for now.

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