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Hi everyone, just stopping by CCZone: The next level now and then, and this time I'm here to announce  a future levelset I have in mind with a theme: The elevator levels. 


Now, don't ask me why, but lately I have been thinking of elevators (or, how Tom P would say: lifts :P )

And one day I had, not a brainstorm, but more like a "brain-hurricane" about ideas for elevator themed levels. I hope all of those ideas survive until the day I decide to start making this levelset, because although I'd love to start right now, I'm in a sort of "study or die" situation. But soon, I'll be spending most of my free time on this levelset. I don't know how difficult it will be, depends on my inspiration and how my level-making skills will be (if they improve or stay the same), and, most importantly, on ideas. However, since I've been already having ideas, I think it'll end up a pretty good and fun levelset. I think it'll be realesed in the late months of this year or early days of next year.


I estimate it'll be in between 30 and 50 levels, I hope no fewer, because I find less than 30 a little too short. I am looking forward to finishing and sharing this levelset, I'm saying this because my other one which I keep talking about, however, doesn't proceed. About that one, I'll start talking about it again when I see that I'm really going to work on it and put effort into it because I may be getting people's hopes up, for nothing, or for something that's not going happen until a long time. I've been having personal troubles with it (such as lack of inspiration, impatience. doing something else instead of CC, etc.) so that's why it has not been advancing.


So , there was a bit of stuff offtopic in that paragraph, now I'm back ontopic. The story will be something like: Chip was just about to exit the Bitbuster's building, he takes the elevator, it stops and stays stranded for some time. He waits. Nothing happens. He lays down. He stares at the ceiling, and is slowly becoming asleep, then he falls asleep, and has a long dream about the levelset, in other words, the levelset is the dream Chip has while sleeping, trapped in the elevator.

The rest of the story, I haven't thought of yet, or maybe I have, or maybe,... it's a surprise? 


Well, there went some of the levelset infomation now, here's an interesting part; I will list some of the possibly future levels' titles:


-The right floor...

-Riding with other riders

-A building with no elevator

-A/The secret elevator

-An elevator with mirrors

-Freefalling elevator nightmare

-Going up, going down

-Destination: rooftop

-Emergency exit

-Get to floor 4 b4 4 (before 4 o'clock, this is probably gonna be a race-against-time level)

-The need to insert a key

-Jump to car #02

-Elevator music


-Elevator on fire


-Runaway elevator/(the) escaping elevator/the elevator escapes!


If you have any ideas, or title names, feel free to post them!

(or questions, suggestions, etc.)

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Sweet. Be sure to make it pretty easy (and please if these have force floor spam make it not to the point i might vomit)


._. And I thought people liked "the harder the better"... Well, As far as I search my ideas, I think there will be a few force floor levels, but I assume you are talking about that levels like force field or something would make you vomit, nah, I'm currently not counting on any -as you say- "force floor spamming levels". more like, fun, easier to handle force floor situations, so I could say you got lucky on that part. 


Anyways, even if I do decide to add a crazy force floor level, I bet it won't be more than one  ;) .


-EDIT-: more than difficult, my aim will be to make the levels "complete" (although this is not my strong part in level-making). However, I'll also try as well, to put a little bit of spice in the levels. 


right now I can tell that Shafting, and freefalling elevator nightmare will have un-crazy force floor parts.

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This is quite a cool idea, I admit! Making each floor a level of its own in the building. I guess one of the ways you could make the level change elevator floors is with teleport trickery, but then you'd have a problem making it look like the elevator is moving up or down a floor. I guess you could have three elevators completely away from the level where you can't see them, and work on toggles and chain events with buttons to set up movement and monsters.

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Hmmm... Should it be odd to say that I've never thought of that? What I had in mind was making each level to where it is represented vertically. (Although, now that I come to think of it, it would look sort of weird without gravity) Or who knows maybe no one will really even pay attention to that... well if you didn't get that imagine that I take an editor and make a rectange with walls around Chip,and call it a house, and move north, I wouldn't say "Chip is going toward the front of the house", instead, I'd say "Chip is going towards the rooftop". Or who knows maybe the levels could still look like they're flat, although in some levels I will try to represent gravity with force floors or ice. Well, thanks for the idea anyways  :) .


:huh: Oh wait did I just read that wrong? 



Making each floor a level of its own in the building.


If I read that right, you mean what I just said, I thought you meant like, the whole levelset is a building and each level in the levelset is a different floor. Wooops, oh well, hehehe...


Well, I just hope this turns out the way I have in mind...

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