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The Song Above Has to Smell

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It's like a similar game i've seen here, where you have to post the above's question, with a true-false. This version is a tad different. You have to say if the song above is bad or is good based on your opinion. You have to try and post bad songs.


The crazy rules:

  • If the song is bad, you must say "Smells", or else the person below will get to list 2 songs to answer, and that's that. The number of songs won't last, so when someone says smells, the rate for 2 songs for the next person, they only get to list 1 song to rate.
  • If the song is good, the person below post 3 songs, but the person who replies to your 3 songs MUST only have 1. Even if the song is "good" or they say "bad" instead of "smells".
  • You can bet the good/bad reply. If the response is same, the person below must post 2 songs. Like the other 2 rules, after someone replies to their 2 songs, they MUST have the others only list 1 song.
  • If you have no opinion, you can either pass (but the one below must post 4 songs) or listen to the song, and then not choose a song.
  • If there's no song, no matter what, you must post 2 songs. Like always, the next person must post 1 song.


I'll go first. :teeth:


Rebecca Black's Friday.

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