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Important Editor Using advice

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Guys (and not guys), Every single editor seems to have saving problems. Just this day I was editing a levelset, I took two levels, cut them from that set, opened another set, and pasted those levels there. When I went back to my other set, ALL the levels were gone, dissapeared! I closed the editor and opened it again, opening the same set just to make sure it wasn't just me, but the levels still weren't there. Now, good thing that I make a new copy of each levelset after making changes to them, or else after seeing that all that time spended on working on the set was wasted, I'd make an expression a little something like:



And after that, I'd quit being a level maker for the rest of eternity. 


I've been saving a copy since I once used CCEdit (the CCTools editor), and I clicked save, and the level turned into what it looked like an earlier time I saved (more unfinished). The problem I described at the beginning happend with CCDesign.


Now, I'm not telling you what you should or shouldn't do, but I just highly recommend making a copy of each .dat, .ccl, or whatever levelset you have just modified, right after making changes, either every time after you just made changes, or every time after an x number of changes have been made.


Well, some of you already knew this (or most of you already knew this), but this basically goes to anyone who didn't know about editor saving problems.

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