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Super Smash Bros. Chip?

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I've been playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl lately to practice for the new installment coming out soon, and just now did I think "What if Chip was in Smash Bros.?". I decided to make a moveset for him.


This might turn into more than a small what-if; I want to have movesets for every last Character and creature in CC. If you have any movesets for characters without them, you can post them. Heck, you can also share your personal movesets for what you think would fit for them too.


Oh, and you can mention if a creature would be an item, or assist trophy character, and what they'd do. Pink Balls, Walkers, and Teeth come to mind for the more item and assist-trophy related Smash Bros things.


So, let's see what I can come up with.






Neutral B: Computer Chip

Chip tosses a computer chip. Like Lucario, he can charge this. However, you cannot deal damage from others touching it while you charge it. The more you charge, the more damage the defender takes. The attack is actually based on his health. The lower the % is, the more damage this will deal. This caps out at 100%. The base HP random, from 4-6%, but for every 2%, 1% is added to the damage.


Up+B: Glider

Chip rides a glider going at fast speed. This works a bit like Meta Knight's Up+B, except for one thing. This doesn't swirl around at launch, and Chip takes base 2-5% HP recoil due to an explosion at the start. This can be stopped at manual by pressing a button to attack, or will automatically end after 4 seconds. Any players in the way will get hit, and the explosion will knock back immensely. However, this needs to charge like the wario waft. The speed depends on the time, and this maxes out at 1 minute.


Down+B: Squishing Block

Chip throws a block down. This block can be pushed around, and picked up. This works like a crate, so after breaking it, it will give a few items. These commonly give capsules, and assist trophies, though any item can appear. Any players who get crushed have the effect of a pitfall. This also will work like a moving crate, should this be damaged from the side and the damage it would deal is over 20%.


Side+B: Skates

Chip puts on skates. This move actually has a lot to it, so please bear with me here. This makes chip move faster then running, but there is a catch. The first is that this works like an equip; to toggle the skates, you must use this when you do not have the skates. When you wish to take them off, you must use this when you have these equipped. The second involve attacking and movements. First off, with these equipped, you cannot jump. Second of all, you cannot use any other attacks. However, this has a great attack. Pressing neutral B when these are equipped allows you to spin. This seems dumb, but this can be used to rack up combos like Meta Knight's neutral B. When equipped, a space on Chip's HUD space will have a Skate Icon. Once you have unequipped the skates, the skates actually become a throw item. Once they hit something, they go away.


Final Smash: The Exit

Chip enters the exit, and can attack other players safely. For 10 seconds, he is invincible, but cannot move around. The exit is placed where he is currently at before he initated the final smash. Using Neutral+B allows you to throw chips. These home to the closest character. Again, you can charge the chips there.


~~Battle-Related Attributes~~

~KO Sounds~

  • Sound 1: "Bummer"
  • Sound 2: "Mmpf!"


  • Neutral: Chip does the cheerful dance seen when you beat the last level(s) in MSCC.
  • Side: Chip tosses the various boots. Hilariously enough, the boots dropped can be used, like snakes taunts. They work just like the dropped skates
  • Up: Looks to the background, and picks up a chip.
  • Down: He kicks the ground, and accidentally pads down dirt, temporarily changing the texture of the floor to the floor of MSCC. This wears off with a fade effect, and goes away in 3 seconds and finishes fading in 2 seconds after the 3 seconds.

~Resetti's Speeches~

  • Impersonation: "BUMMER. BUMMER. BUMMER."
  • Chip Gets K.O.ed: "What? Nobody noticed that nobody got KOed? I expected as much! I doubt ANYBODY knows he existed!"
  • Chip K.O.es a player: "I have never felt so bad for somebody in my life. [player K.O.ed by chip] getting knocked out by a nobody. This is very confusing AND sad."
  • Chip Damages Resetti: "HEY! Get back in your PC!"
  • Any time: "I seriously do not understand, though. Why is that nobody battling?"
  • Any time: "HEY, YOU NOBUBBY! IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO KNOW! DON'T RESET! You reset every last level! Take that death from those scary frogs, you Control Key and R key mix spammer!
  • Leaving when Chip is in last place: "Oh, and one last thing... Why are you playing as a nobody? You're failing!"
  • Leaving: "Oh, and one last thing... How about you work on those puzzles? You're not a member of that "Bit Breaker" thing yet."

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