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Hurt and Heal: Locations

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+1 for the location you would like to heal, -2 for the location you would like to hurt.


You must wait until two people post after your most recent post before you can repost.


If a location has only point remaining and you wish to hurt it, split the other point with a different location of your choice.


Any eliminated locations cannot appear in later rounds unless the Revival perk is active.


You may add in your own location once per round at any point during the round, but it can only start out with five points maximum!


You may not revive locations that have died with the intent of your dead location trying to win the round. It's dead.

[RIP Rapture, let us remember Andrew Ryan]


A location cannot have more than 20 points!


The winner of each round will move on to the round after it. If a location in round 1 wins, it will move on to round 2. If it then wins round 2, it will appear in round 3. [etc]


If there are two locations remaining, and one has 20 points, you can only heal or hurt the one that has not reached 20, do not hurt and heal the level both at once. If both levels are at 20 points, subtract two points from one location and ignore the other one.


If a location wins a round with 20 points, it will travel to the next round with at minimum 10 points instead of 5!


I think of completely random locations for some rounds, and the maximum amount of locations per round is 10 [non-custom], so if you give me an idea I may add it to the list for the next round!


Round 1


Canada [9]

Leominster [11]

Le Mars [12]

Australia [8]

Eurasia [10]

Bottom of the Mariana Trench [10]

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Canada [2] -2

Le Mars [20]

Bottom of the Mariana Trench [13]

My Shades [20] 

Leominster [1] +1


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