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How to use CCINI, again?

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In my "CCHack crazy" days, I've been told about CCINI, a fine program for modifying Entpack.ini setting for Chip's Challenge. 


I remember it's very easy to use, as long as you know how.


The thing is that since those days ended, it's been sitting in my "CC" folder, untouched.


The other day I was thinking of using it, but, I forgot how. 


Comes with ccini_export, ccini_import, ccini.exe, and ccini.dll


I think the only thing you have to touch is ccini_export, and I tried just that, but didn't succeed.


Can anyone tell me how to use it, again?


I won't forget again, promise. :P

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Never heard of this program...

... Oh wait, I just remembered that I had written it.  :blink:

All that it does is simulate copying entpack.ini in and out of wherever new versions of Windows have chosen to secrete it.

There is no ccini.dll and there should be a ccini.txt with instructions.

Running ccini_export should get you an entpack.ini (provided you've played MSCC on that computer and as the current user).


- Madhav.

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