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Supercollab 2: The Generic Sequel

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Ok, so this is ready for me to try? I've been waiting for you guys to finish it, and if it's been done for a year, I never heard about it. Where's the first one? Should I include the two levels in the Goodie Bag? Is there a summary somewhere who worked on this and maybe what they did?

According to this file, it was finished February 4th of last year.


Michael linked to the first one. The topic for it can be found here.


What goes in the Goodie Bag exactly? I thought it's just for competition levels.


For the contributors, you can go by the hints in each level of the set (and what they did would be the difference between current level and previous level), or you can reference the first post of this topic. I'm not aware of such a summary for the first supercollab, though, so you may have to go through the whole thread for that.

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Thanks guys!


I know it has only had one release, but in my mind the Goodie Bag collects stuff that we've all done together here at CC Zone. So far it's just been competition related stuff, but this collab stuff could fit right in, I think. (As long as nobody objects, of course.) My intention is that new members to the community can download one thing and get a lot of interesting stuff without having to search for each thing separately. Now that I put it in writing like that, maybe there could be other similar 'bags' that collect recommended (finished) sets for people to play? hmmm...



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