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Valentine's Day 2014 Mini Create Challenge

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Happy Valentine's Day to all Chipsters!


Did you realize we have an award here at CC Zone for participating in a Valentine's Day competition? Here's your chance to get one!


Valentine's Day is all about remembering those people that are dearest to your heart and making sure they know how you feel about them. I want to give you all the chance to express your love towards a classic set, CCLP2. <3 To do this, all you have to do is redesign two small levels from CCLP2 for Lynx play. The levels in question originally use invalid tiles in a way that is hard to translate over to Lynx.


The first level is #87, The Walker Machine. This level uses chips hidden under fake blue walls and a cloned stream of walkers to make your collecting job harder. In addition, the chips form the shape of a castle. To make a similar level for Lynx, you can consider hiding chips under blocks, enlarging the size of the castle, and whatever you can think of that recreates the feeling of the original for Lynx. Don't be afraid to keep it simple, but you may also go crazy and do something totally different as long as you explain the connection to the original.


The second level is #120, Frost Rings. This level uses ice hidden under chips to create a puzzle that seems open to easy collecting of chips, but actually limits your movements more and more as the ice is uncovered. The level is symmetric with the exit in the center. To make a similar level for Lynx you might want to use pop-up walls to restrict the movement of Chip, or enlarge the level just a bit, or come up with something else that feels like the original. If you can make the puzzle be about the same difficulty as the original, that would be a plus. 


This challenge is open for a week, so the deadline for submissions is Feb 21st where you live. Send your submissions to me at valeosote at hotmail dot com. The submissions will then be published for everyone's enjoyment. This is not a standard create competition for the Chip Cup, but rather a mini challenge, so the scoring is a bit different. Participants can earn up to 5 Chip Cup points, on a scale that measures successful effort roughly like this:

1 point - you submit something.

2 points - your submission meets the requirements.

3 points - you have clearly put effort into creating something that works.

4 points - you submit one great level and the other one is pretty straight-forward.

5 points - you have grasped what this task was about and created two levels that feel like the originals.


At this point you might guess that this task has something to do with the CCLP2 Lynx Project, and you would be right. The main connection is the motivation for running this thing. I have seen some attempts at making lynxified versions of these levels, but I want to find out if someone out there still can come up with a new take. At it's best this might produce something great we could use, and at it's worst we will have more versions of the levels to compare to each other. However, this challenge is otherwise disconnected from that project in the sense that if you want to participate and not have your creations utilized for the project, you can do so. If we wish to use any of your ideas we will discuss it with you separately.


If you have any questions, please ask! Have fun!



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I guess it's time to reveal what happened with this challenge :)


We had three entrants and I threw in my own take as well for comparison. I compiled the short levels into a short set and am attaching it to this post. You can get the set here.


Reynaldi added walls to The Walker Machine and made sure you had to dodge the walkers more than if only the extra layer was removed. For Frost Rings he added some force floors and pop-ups, creating a decent version of the level that felt nice though it was not too difficult. Thanks for your submission.


Markus proved he is still alive by sending in some nifty ideas. Thanks! I particularly loved the puzzle he created for Frost Rings. Good job! His version of The Walker Machine enlarged the castle. I wish you well in the optimization department once CCLP1 rolls around :)


Chipster1059 also enlarged the castle in The Walker Machine slightly differently. For Frost Rings he added thieves and ice skates, which I thought was a novel idea though the puzzle was pretty basic. Thanks for your submission too!


My own take on The Walker Machine experimented on hiding chips under blocks but it fails a bit because then the walkers can be dealt with easily using the blocks. I added some ice and pop-ups into Frost Rings, but felt that the resulting puzzle was still easier than what the original presented. I had released these ideas earlier but was never satisfied with them so that was one of the reasons I turned to all you guys for help. I was very happy with the results.


I'm awarding each of you 5 Chip Cup points for your efforts <3 Rey and Chipster also get the Trittany award for participation, as Markus already had it. I guess I'll also award myself 2 Chip Cup points for my meager efforts too. :P


It would be great to hear any comment and reactions to the levels from all of you. Thanks to the participants!




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