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IHNN's levels feedback/discussion (New inside: Walls of CCLP4!)

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Currently playing this level set and so far so great. Already 25% of the way through and again good fun levels. Here is some feedback


1. Great aesthetic and good item swapper.


2. I really like "pink ball runners", I feel that we need a little more of these. The ending was fun too.


3. I was scared at first but luckily you don't have to slide through the walkers


4. Thankfully not too repetitive, but I assume its gonna be hard to optimize, good level though.


5. Nice aesthetic and its easier than it looks, green key is deceptive though.


6. Somewhat reminds me of "Secret Passages" from CCLP1 level 78.


7. A little tricky for the the start of the set, especially the sokoban at the start and the fireball ending.


8. I like the title and not too much of a nerve wracker at first in regards to collecting at certain number of chips per second.


9. A little boring, but luckily not too strict to where which monsters have to go.


10. Nice use of partial posting.


11. I really like "Cloner's Maze" puzzles. Creative concept for the ending though.


12. Sort of reminds me of JoshL6's "Flooded Forest".


13. Nice little puzzle and good deception with the chips.


14. I feel like this is a combination of Josh's "Asphalt Line" and "Creepy Steeple"


15. Good melee level and I appreciate the extra chips and the absence of a walker cloner.


That's all for now again so far so good. :)


PS: Excited for CCLP4 and hopefully this could become a full 149 level set like what Josh did to his JoshL6 set.

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UPDATE: Now completed half of the level set so far. However I had to skip Special Little Snowflake (20) so far, I couldn't find a way to cover all 4 trap buttons only three. Nevertheless, good level set and no unforgivable frustrating ones. Now up to level 36 more than halfway through the set.


16. Just a generic ice level but nice wall aesthetics with real blue walls and blue locks.


17. Normal item swapper and puzzle for the boots.


18 and 19. Both fun levels with one being a twist of each other. Reminds me of Direct and Alternate Circuit from UC3.


20. Not solved yet, need solution


21. Just another ball-dodging level and chip picking level. This is sort of a sideways "Lazy Hourglass" concept.


22. Great level. This is a whole lot easier than "Suspended Animation"


23. Just an ordinary chip picking level but push blocks with care.


24. Creative puzzles and ending. Ending a little nerve-wracking though.


25. Good puzzles and creative ending.


26. Another fun level, reminds me of "Mad Science" from UC3 when I looked at it in a map.


27. Awesome level, I like levels that have puzzles opening up other puzzles to reach the exit vertically.


28. Not a big fan of this level. Needs more time and more challenging glider bombing puzzles.


29. Ordinary chip collecting level


30. Great concept and creative paths to obtain the chips.


31. Great block cloner puzzles rolled into one fantastic level.


32. I really like the yellow lock background and lock puzzles


33. A little tricky and annoying for me but doable.


34. I like this level. I enjoyed the block and force floor slide section at the top left section.


35. Good level but not a big fan of it due to slide delay.


That's all for now, keep up the good work. :) Looking towards the end and I need some help on level 20, I can only manage to cover only 3 of the 4 trap buttons.

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For Special Little Snowflake, you need to use a ram to solve it in MS- you can get one block bouncing between two blocks and then slide it off of the ice, and then repeat the process for the fourth block. With the now sliding block, ram it against another block, and then use the rammed block to get the remaining blocks into the button region.


In Lynx, a similar solution is use that exploits holding a key to trap a block on ice.


Other comments (don't read if you haven't played the levels- there are some nice surprises in here)



Transmission- I'm glad you noticed that the chips weren't required! I could have added a socket, but I felt that a bonus for the attentive was worth adding.

Arctic Antics has some fake blue walls as shortcuts- it makes getting around much easier.

Tanks is a pretty dumb level title, but it's a setup for Tanks, But No Tanks which is the sort of little thing I tried to include in this set whenever possible.

What Lies Beneath has 4 extra chips... and 4 chips hidden under blocks in accordance with the rest of the pattern.

Demolitions Expert is meant to be a level that is simple to solve as it was originally for a time trial- routing it is the challenge. Also, you can shortcut through the lock corridor with only 5 keys instead of all 13 by design.

Snow Worries doesn't really have too much slide delay, and what little there is I found to be quite predictable (during the first loop) I was careful to make sure it wouldn't be much of an issue.



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In Center Of Attention (36), there are 2 flippers in the top left room where the glider is roaming around. I only needed one, is the extra flipper intended or did I bust the level?

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There's an extra pair of flippers in case you forgot something in that room on the first pass through, allowing a second passage.


Also, for the PM about Obligatory Block Shuffling Level- I'm really proud of that lower puzzle and don't plan on giving away a solution- that said, YASC (Yet Another Sokoban Clone) has a solver if you really don't want to figure it out.

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UC6 Feedback (36-47)

36. Pretty good level, I feel that we need more "choose your own adventure" type of levels.


37. Somewhat difficult, especially the ending and making sure not to cook the level by pushing a block in the wrong place.


38. Strange level I got to say.


39. I really liked this level: Plenty of great puzzles and has that great "red and green" aesthetic for a Christmas level. Good job on this one.


40. This one is 50/50: top sokoban is sort of a piece of cake but the bottom sokoban is a real toughie. Thanks to YASC (Yet Another Sokoban Clone) for helping me. Nevertheless I still like sokoban puzzles.


41. Another fantastic level, intro is unique and puzzles were fun to crack. I really liked the recessed wall with water section where you had to push blocks in between. Also, the ball section kind of reminded me of "Chip Away" from Pit of 100 tiles.


42. Looks really hard, but actually kind of easy.


43. Weird level at first but has creative mechanisms.


44. This level looks good aesthetically but this level is kind of difficult. Time limit is not too strict but it is easy to get lost and lose track of where to go and what parts you've covered.


45. Somewhat hard level, the puzzles on guiding the monsters into the bombs aren't straightforward.


46. Nice breather level from the recent difficult ones.


47. Another good level with memorable puzzles: Some puzzles I can think of are Steam (CC1), Chipmine (CC1), and Key Color (CCLP2). If there is any I missed let me know.


Almost there and hopefully be finished with the set for the next update. :)

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Just completed all 149 levels of Walls of CCLP4 (difficult order version):chipwin: and it was a really fun level set. Gotta say there were a bunch of awesome puzzles which make you think outside the box plus a couple of memorable ones. As far as difficulty this set was a bit medium, not too easy and not too hard. I might replay the levels again in the CCLP4 level order version though, this set also has good replay value just like the original CCLP4. I remembered some of the walls but not too many, had to read the hints.

Part 1 (1-20)

1. Pretty simple item swapper type level for level 1.

2. Awesome aesthetic and easy chip collecting level.

3. Even though this level follows "Flow State" it also felt a little bit like Josh's "Enterprise" level. Nevertheless fun level.

4. Pretty easy level and gotta agree with Josh as said in his current LP that turning "In the Pool" into a fire theme.

5. Great variety of chip collecting sections.

6. Cool level with an amazing maze.

7. Interesting level.

8. Really brilliant block pushing puzzle.

9. Medium level, just have to keep track of the recessed walls but not too hard.

10. Great level which reminds me a little bit of Josh's "Compactor Reactor". Also a good candidate for optimization even though I am not an optimizer.

11. Awesome "step-by-step" type level.

12. Great push blocks to water puzzle.

13. Fun level. This level when played in the MSCC tileset would look better since the thief tiles in that tileset mix in with the blue environment.

14. Easy straightforward chip collecting level.

15. Based on the title, at first I thought that this would be a racing type level hence Torotise vs Hare. Brilliant puzzle level.

16. Really liked the tooth mechanism at the start and good level with a partial post twist.

17. To me, I found this level to be a bit easier than "The Key Issue". Still fun level though.

18. This level has many fun chip collecting challenges in one level.

19. Medium level. That paramecium section is a bit iffy to me.

20. This level too me a few tries to navigate the mazes correctly withing the "Pearl Diving" toggle door mechanism.

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Steering back to UC6 briefly, I've managed to crack all of them except #57 Mystery Caves, and I've managed to crack most of that except for the blasted block/ice square (ghosted later sections), I can't for the life of me even CONCEIVE of how to extract any of those besides the obvious one... are there any hints on technique that wouldn't spoil it entirely?

My only guess was push one onto gravel walls and bounce others off of it, but I don't see how that helps, as you can't move fast enough to catch them mid-bounce

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12 hours ago, bobdabaron said:

My only guess was push one onto gravel walls and bounce others off of it, but I don't see how that helps, as you can't move fast enough to catch them mid-bounce

Blockslide knowledge tidbits:

1 ice tile: Death unless slide delay is involved.
2 ice tiles: Can step onto the block tile and step off safely.
3 ice tiles: Same as 2 ice tiles, but a half wait allows following the block and sidestepping. In Lynx, that just works.
4 ice tiles: Can follow the block, sidestep, and intercept the block as it returns.
5 ice tiles: Same as 4.
6+ ice tiles: Can loop around and push another block into the place the first block originally was.

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Here's part 2 of my feedback (21-40).

21. Medium item collecting type level. There were some tough sections like the room with the 2 walkers.

22. Interesting aesthetic and fun maze.

23. Okay level, I find this to be a lot better than Lean Thinking which is one of the levels I wasn't a big fan of in CCLP4. Also, the walker at the end is a bit evil.

24. Cool blue level

25. Very cool maze and block puzzle.

26. Somewhat complex messy type level.

27. Fun level

28. Normally I am not a big fan of "antepiece" concept levels but this was okay.

29.  Somewhat hard level with the gliders but I like the role of the fire tiles.

30. Interesting level to play

31. Yet another cool blue level.

32. Somewhat difficult level that took me a couple of tries. I am not too good with "Map the Path" concepts especially this one with a checkerboard layout which increases the chances of screwing up.

33. Also a considerably difficult level since its easy to screw up on. The extra exits are appreciated though.

34. Very fun level to play. Had a really good twist at the end.

35. According the title, I thought this was going to be a hard level at first. Turned out to be a entertaining level.

36. Ice level is a nice level.

37. To be honest this level is a weird one with a concept I've never before. I have never EVER seen teeth going through closed toggle walls. I am assuming that the toggle door timing has to be absolutely perfect; nevertheless makes the dodging far more interesting.

38. Usually, I am not too good with key puzzles but this one fell into place.

39. Interesting level. Not sure how to pull off the pushing blocks through FF in lynx though.

40. Like the original level this one is short and simple.

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Just continuing with my feedback for UC6 since I was stuck on some levels. Thanks to bobdabaron and Jeffrey the set is 100% complete.


48. Pretty fun and complex level. I don't know how to do the partial post in Lynx though.

49. Confusing cave is confusing (thanks bobdabaron for your help)

50. Really fun level, I liked this one.

51. Also another fun level.

52. I've never seen this concept before but this is a cool puzzle. One of my favorites in the set.

53. Somewhat complex level but nevertheless contains fantastic puzzles. I was stumped on the tank button section where the tooth is located. Again a characteristic of a well crafted puzzle.

54. Blue maze level with brilliant puzzle twists. Time limit is okay, can be a little hard though but not too much.

55. My favorite level in the set, especially that beginning puzzle and the aesthetic border on the right.

56. Monotone level is monotonous. My record is 968.

57. Pretty difficult level with a brain teaser ice section. I gotta say that ice section was the one I was stumped on for a long time. Eventually something came out to work when I tested it in CCEdit. You should be proud of that section Jeffrey cause that was a true brain teaser. Also, that pink ball before that ice section is what screwed me up the most.

58. Awesome time crunch level.

59. Brilliant "cloners maze" type of level. I had to think outside the box for some of them.

60. I am not too good with identifying references but this was a really fun closing level. Thankfully you only have do travel that Joyride section once.

UC6 Complete!:chipwin: This was a fantastic level to play, it had a mix of fun, easy, and brain teasing levels. You should be proud for making Obligatory Shuffling Level and Mystery Caves cause those were the ones that were true brain teasers in my opinion. Also, Blue Narciss and Confusing Cave, those were pretty complex levels. Now, there were plenty of good levels in the set but my most favorites were near the end of the set like Lebanon, Flight of the Prince, and The Party We Have Never Seen. If in case CCLP5 were to be another set, there are some levels that would be great candidates for that set. So anyway, fun set with a moderate difficulty. Not too many frustrating levels but still a blast to play.

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UC5 #125: Studio 15, Lot 2: I discovered a minor bust, but this may already be known to Jeffrey, Idk. At the beginning, you don't actually need to step on the thief to make it back alive (in MS; didn't try in Lynx) which means you get to keep the FF boots. In turn, this makes it possible to grab the yellow key early, rendering the flippers and extra fire boots pointless.

UC5 #132: Breeze Harbor: I cannot figure out how to beat this level. Maybe you can give me a hint? I know you need to bridge down to the teleport, and use the bug to get to the tank button, but this means you don't have enough blocks to get the red key that the gliders and paramecium are circling. I know there must be something simple I'm missing...

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I'm playing through WoCCLP4 (which is amazing btw) and am currently on level 27. Favorites so far are levels 11 and 26.

Level 25: Completing the Circuit: The ice skates are not needed in this level, not even to reach the hint. It seems to me that if the one pushable block was surrounded by ice tiles instead of force floors, that would make more sense, right? Just a suggestion...


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