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random 8

Hurt and Heal: CC Zone Members

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Rules: Each person starts with 20 reputation points. In each post, you must plagiarize the list and remove 5 and recover 3 reputation points (spread over any number of people as long as the values are integers). A person dies (is banned from CC Zone) when his or her reputation hits 0. There must be at least 2.35 posts by other people between each of your votes. Exception: if a round ends, you can vote on the next round immediately.

We will play with 10 people at a time. When only 1 of them is still registered on CC Zone, that person is considered the winner of that round and the game will continue to the next set of people.

Explaining the reasons behind your votes is required. Arguments are welcome; opinions are not.

J.B. Lewis [20]
AdrenalinDragon [20]
andyrkki [20]
quiznos00 [20]
IceyLava108 [20]
M11k4 [20]
Ihavenoname248 [20]
ajmiam [20]
random 8 [20]
BitBuster [20]

Have fun! :teeth:and happy April Fools' Day!

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Tyler Sontag [69] +69

Zane Kuecks [0] -death by Launch 

Michael Warner [25!] +lord and savior



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