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[7:48:49 PM] Tyler Sontag: (cool)

[7:49:55 PM] Tyler Sontag: anyway go enjoy this much better dac generator

[7:50:47 PM] Zane: dacman, pacman's long lost sibling

[7:50:57 PM] Tyler Sontag: (nod)

[7:51:00 PM] Josh: :)

[7:51:32 PM] Tyler Sontag: i tried to think of dac puns

[7:51:38 PM] Tyler Sontag: that's what i came up with (cool)

[7:52:01 PM] Zane: oh i just assumed it was short for manager or something lolz

[7:52:19 PM] Zane: even though that wouldn't make sense

[7:52:30 PM] Tyler Sontag: life doesn't make sense

[7:52:36 PM] Zane: but does it make dollars

[7:52:37 PM] Josh: so true

[7:52:45 PM] Tyler Sontag: anyway put that in your tworld folder then open it and it will make you dac files

[7:52:50 PM] Tyler Sontag: without any goddamn questions

[7:52:51 PM] Zane: dac that

[7:52:55 PM] Tyler Sontag: dacman > dacgen

[7:53:38 PM] Zane: dacet man

[7:55:10 PM] Josh: dackerman

[7:55:25 PM] Zane: https://i.imgur.com/Tf8VB2x.png

[7:55:29 PM] Zane: check out my dodacagon

[7:55:35 PM] Tyler Sontag: F*** YOU

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[9:17:19 AM] Jeffrey (IHNN): the level's fault and the level needs to go jump off a cliff into lava filled with robot sharks with flamethrowers and armor spikes for vicious impaling and then the level has to solve The End of All Time TWICE IN A ROW while it thinks about what it did wrong. Which is everything. It did everything wrong.

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[11:54:00 PM] Josh: block pushing was such a good concept

[11:54:08 PM] Josh: hope cclp4 has more of it!

[11:54:23 PM] Tyler Sontag: bro

[11:54:27 PM] Tyler Sontag: blocks are everything

[11:54:30 PM] Tyler Sontag: do you hear me

[11:54:32 PM] Tyler Sontag: everything

[11:54:57 PM] Josh: sorry I couldn't hear you (lalala)

[11:54:59 PM] Tyler Sontag: my father was a block

[11:55:03 PM] Tyler Sontag: my mother was an ice block

[11:55:12 PM] Tyler Sontag: together they made me, a directional block

[11:55:18 PM] Tyler Sontag: what direction do i travel in, you ask?

[11:55:21 PM] Tyler Sontag: one direction: forward

[11:55:32 PM] Tyler Sontag: forward towards chip's challenge level progress

[11:55:33 PM] Tyler Sontag: who are you?

[11:55:36 PM] Tyler Sontag: just a little blob?

[11:55:41 PM] Tyler Sontag: moving around with no purpose?

[11:55:44 PM] Tyler Sontag: you sicken me

[11:56:07 PM] Josh: i move around in hopes to kill other's progress (devil)

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[1:53 AM] IHNN: "Shane Chimichanga" - Jessi 2017
[1:53 AM] IHNN: @Hornlitz
[1:55 AM] Hornlitz: God why does EVERYONE call me that
[1:55 AM] Hornlitz: Some friends in High School called me that
[1:55 AM] Ryan J.: Furthermore Chimichanga
[1:55 AM] Hornlitz: NOW we're talking
[1:56 AM] Hornlitz: Note: Everyone calling me that adds up to like, 5 people now
[2:03 AM] jamesa7171: "God why does EVERYONE call me that" this is me with "Mr. Anderson" from the matrix
[2:03 AM] Flareon350: that's me when someone calls me Joshua
[2:03 AM] Hornlitz: I would quote the matrix right now
[2:03 AM] Hornlitz: If I had seen it
[2:04 AM] jamesa7171: you should watch it, shane chimichanga
[2:04 AM] IHNN: Excellent choice Mr. Anderson
[2:05 AM] IHNN: (side note: Jessi and I can't stop laughing)
[2:05 AM] jamesa7171: you should see a doctor about that

This time, on Discord Quotes 2017

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IhavenonameSDA: huh
IhavenonameSDA: That's pretty nice
IhavenonameSDA: Looks like a... oh
IhavenonameSDA: OHHHH

(technically twitch but w/e)

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